Decomposer ID 27 while scanning files with path lengths over 260 characters on a Celerra Filer.


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Scan Engine AntiVirus for Caching Protection Engine for NAS


Symantec Scan Engine or Symantec Protection Engine return scan errors on files where the requested file has a path length of more than 260 characters. The files are stored on a Celerra filer. 

 The Scanner log shows the file received a decomposer 27.  

Access to files with a long path may be blocked and the file removed from the NAS.


There are two basic types of file paths available in windows:

Normal file path: Limited in Windows to 260 characters.  These paths will look like //server/share/folder/file.  

Long file path: These can have a path length of up to 32767 characters.  These paths are identified by //?/UNC/...  For example //?/UNC/server/share/folder/file/.



Scan Engine is receiving a scan request from Cava that is a normal file path.

For example: \\server\CHECK$\root_vdm\folder\folder\...\file

Protection Engine attempts to access the path presented to it by the connector (Cava) via the Windows operating system.  

This path is limited to 260 characters by Windows.   

Symantec Protection Engine for Network attached storage 7.0.3 has been updated to handle these long paths. 

See ETRACK 3316088 as noted in the 7.0.3 release notes attached to DOC7477