OS server level credentials being asked while running data collection on Oracle database in CCS 11.0


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Control Compliance Suite Databases Oracle


OS level credential error is encountered when running data collection job on Oracle database.

The credentials for < server_name(can be UNIX or Windows)> is not specified


The CCS Oracle module requires OS level credentials to be put in order  to successfully query the Oracle server specific  data sources while running data collection activity . If the server level credential , that can be either UNIX or Windows platform, are not specified in the credential database of CCS , we would receive the above mentioned error message during CER job or data collection job .


As mentioned in the Cause section , to avoid this error message , we can either provide the UNIX / Windows Server level credentials in the CCS database for the Oracle queries to run successfully . Or else, if the Oracle server ( the OS on which the Oracle database is running ) is imported  as a part of agent registration , then we can avoid putting the UNIX / Windows level credentials in the CCS credential database. However, in this situation it is recommended to follow the below method to import the Oracle database into CCS asset system so that during the data collection runs, we do not encountered the above mentioned error :

1)      Import the Oracle database using the ‘Import Asset’ option in CCS ( use this option when the database’s corresponding Operating System is imported using a CCS agent ).

a)      Go to -> Assets view in CCS console

b)      Click on ‘AssetTasks’ -> Import Assets

c)      Specify a job name on the ‘Specify job Name and Description’ window , and click next.

d)      Select the following on the page ‘Select Asset Type, Source, and Scope’ :

Asset type :  Oracle Configured Database

Source : Network

Scope : Click on add ( plus sign) tab and scope it to the UNIX / Windows machine on which the database is running , and which is imported using the agent.

e)      Complete the rest of Import Asset wizard and execute the import job . Once the Oracle database is imported using the above method , run a CER job against it and the error should be resolved without providing the UNIX / Windows level credentials on the CCS credential database.


Applies To

CCS 11.0 ; Oracle Server : UNIX / Windows platforms