Error: <license>.lic is not a valid license Activation Key file.


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Deployment Solution


Using the Altiris License Activation Key Wizard (Product Licensing Utility), after selecting the license file and clicking Next the error below is displayed an the license utility will not apply the provided license. The license file is approximately 3kb. If opened with a Hex editor, the "padding" (repeated characters between data) is D3 4D 34 or something other than 00.

'<Path to license>\<license>.lic' is not a valid license Activation Key file.
Please choose another license Activation Key file or call Altiris Technical Support.


The provided license was not generated with the Altiris or Symantec key generator (or was the incorrect product key generator).

Valid license files are approximately 2kb, and the Hex padding is 00. If the license file is approximately 3kb, and in a Hex editor the padding is something other than 00 (in one invalid license provided by HP the padding was D3 4D 34), the license was not generated by Symantec for Deployment Solution.


Request a new license. If the new license is also invalid, call Symantec support and provide the contact information of who created the license.