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"Unscannable Max_Size" verdict given by a Symantec Messaging Gateway appliance


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Messaging Gateway


Under some circumstances, a Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) appliance provides a random "Unscannable" verdict for emails with attachments with the "max_size" shown under the "Details" section in the Message Audit Log (MAL).

The MAL could show the following:

Verdict                      Filter Policy                                        Policy Group            Details 
Unscannable            unscannable: deliver normally         default                       max_size


Container limits under: Protocols -> SMTP -> Settings, under the "Scanning" tab  are exceeded.  

The following is the default value under the "Container Limits" configuration section:  Maximum Individual file size when opened : 100MB  / Maximum Accumulated file size when opened : 200MB


Change this setting to a higher value progressively till the error disappears.  

For example, change "100mb" to "200mb", then click on the "Save" button to save changes, and check the MAL to see if the error disappears.