SEP 11 client on 12.1 SEPM - location switching DNS Query Loop setting does not work


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Endpoint Protection


With a Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 11.0 client connecting to a 12.1 Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM), the Auto-Location Switching (ALS) setting "DNS Query Loop" appears not to work.



The "DNS Query Loop" ALS setting was added in the 12.1 version of the product. Older clients will silently ignore this setting, and use a default of 30 minutes.

The "DNS Query Loop" and "ICMP Request Loop" settings were introduced in 12.1 to be able to configure how long the SEP client holds on to information from previous ALS checks. The information is cached to ensure that the client ALS checks are not generating enough traffic to have a negative impact on the network. The default ALS check frequency is 4 seconds, and the default for the DNS Query and ICMP Request Loop settings are 30 minutes. If the caching is having an unexpected impact on ALS (ie the client appears to be in the wrong location) then it may be preferable to use a different type of "passive" criteria (such as Network Connection Type or DHCP Server Address) rather than setting the Query Loop value too low.