Potential issues that may be encountered when upgrading from 10.0.3


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Several issues have been detected that can occur when upgrading a Control Center appliance from 10.0.3. These issues revolve around the Control Center showing unexpected results, or not showing expected results, when preparing for, or during, an upgrade.


These are cosmetic issues that have not proven to affect the upgrade process itself.


To be sure a Control Center upgrade is proceeding properly, please review the update.log file from the Command Line Interface using the tail command:
$ tail update.log

Known issues:
TECH211481 After upgrading from 10.0.3 build to 10.5.0, the Control Center Login page doesn't show up.
TECH209442 Status on BCC UI is not updated, after completion of CLI download only
TECH209443 No pop-up notification when DownloadSameVersionTwice
TECH209444 "Download only" button should be grayed out when installation is in progress.
TECH211710 Status of Download in Software update page remains "Downloaded" though the downloaded files are deleted through the CLI.
TECH211483 Installation Status screen shows 'Downloading packages' even though packages were already downloaded.
TECH211486 Download button for second version should be disabled when download of another version is in progress ( These are 2 different versions )
TECH211485 If update localinstall is running from CLI and if we try to upgrade from UI, it does not indicate that "another software upgrade is running"
TECH209441 'update' displays 'not found' at the beginning of output.
TECH216413 Status "Update Error" shown on the Updates page of the Control Center user interface.
TECH235251 Update page times out when using Chrome

Please see the individual articles linked above for solutions to these issues.