Many errors found in jlu_controller log when the mode is changed to Rapid Response on Windows for SMGSP


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Messaging Gateway


When Rapid release AV definition download mode (mode==2) is selected in the configuration of the Symantec Messaging Gateway for Service Providers (SMGSP), sometimes jlu-controller logs show download error codes 6, 18 or 28.

(ERROR:11511.2968156816): [54040] Failed to install the Rapid Response AV definitions.

(ERROR:11511.2968156816): [54053] Download failed with error 18. URL:


These errors can be safely ignored as they are intermittent network/server issues. JLU will download the AV definitions per the next time on the schedule.

A possible solution is to increase the "jluTimeoutMinutes" attribute in the bmiconfig.xml. This would only resolve the issue if the download is slow due to poor network performance.