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CA SCM Move Path


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


Planning to move all items to a new path with all historical version on a Harvest project. 

Is it possible? 


Release: SCMNCR99000-12.5-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem


Harvest supports refactoring but it does not duplicate the history. 

So, the moved or renamed items begin with history moving forward. 

When any item is moved then the old item is no longer visible. 


Let’s say I have a folder_1 with a testfile1.txt:1 (version 1) in it. 

If I move testfile1.txt to a new folder folder_2, it will disappear in folder_1 and appear in folder_2 as testfile1.txt:2 (version 2). 


If you rename a path say I rename folder_2 to folder_2_X, the old folder_2 (version 0) disappears and the new folder_2_X will show as version 1). All items in folder_2_X will remain the same with no version change.