Symantec Drive Encryption 10.3.1 for Mac OS X Recovery Disk Images


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Drive Encryption


While the chances are extremely low that a boot.efi file could become corrupt on a boot disk or partition protected by Symantec Drive Encryption, it is possible. If this occurs, it could prevent your system from booting. Prepare for this unlikely event by creating a recovery CD before you encrypt a boot disk or partition using Drive Encryption on a Mac OS X system.

Note: To download the recovery image for your version, click the Attachments link in the box above.


This article includes the EFI recovery disks for Mac OS X system which is encrypted with Symantec Drive Encryption.

Download the image for disks encrypted with Encryption Desktop and Drive Encryption 10.3.1 ONLY.





SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.1MP1MacOSX_WDE_Recovery.iso.cdr get_app
SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.3.1MacOSX_WDE_Recovery.iso.cdr get_app