KNOWN ISSUE: ITMS 7.5 - Replicated Policies Get Deleted on Child NS when using Standard Replication Schedule


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Replicated policies get deleted on Child NS when Patch Management Import Data for Windows uses the Standard Replication Schedule.

1. Assemble ITMS 7.5 hierarchy
2. On Parent NS:
- go to Tasks>Jobs and Tasks>System Jobs and Tasks>Software>Patch
Management>Import Patch Data for Windows and run PMImport
- create some policies, do NOT choose to replicate policies down while creating
- go to Settings>Notification Server>Hierarchy>Hierarchy
Management>Replication>Resources, choose Patch Management Import Data
Replication For Windows and click on a pencil to modify its schedule
- choose Use Standard Replication schedule
3. Run NS.Complete Hierarchy Schedule (via Task Scheduler)
4. Observe Child NS

Results: There is no sequence in replicated items order and Patch Management Import Data gets replicated last, causing replicated Parent policies (advertisements) to get removed
from Child NS and additional replication is needed to restore them.


Replicated policies get deleted


Order of Replication


Run Import Patch Data for Windows Replication Rule on a seperate schedule.  Set the rule the run before the Standard Differential or Complete replication rule runs.  Make sure the PMImport data reaches the Child NS (completes) before the replication job starts.


Applies To


ITMS 7.5
Patch Management 7.5