Fail-safe local IDP account setup


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Upon logging into the App Center Admin Console the admin is alerted to setup a local IDP account.

Please set up your local administrator password for IDP fail-safe operation.


External IDP group mappings creates administrative accounts on App Center server that have not setup local IDP accounts.


1. Create a separate LOCAL IDP account to access the App Center Admin Console.
2. Log into the App Center Admin Console using the newly created LOCAL IDP admin user. By clicking the "Log in to local IDP" option on the Admin Login page.
3. Go to "Users" > "administrators" and remove the original administrative account created from the external IDP.
4. Select "Add New User" and create the just deleted user as an administrative user. Note: Be sure to meet local IDP password complexity requirements.
5. Select "Save"
6. Log out of the Admin Console
7. Log into the Admin Console using the corresponding external IDP account. The notification window informing the administrative user to create a fail-safe local IDP account should no longer appear.

Applies To

External IDP is enabled with group mappings for local IDP admin users.


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