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File Path Limitations with Symantec File Share Encryption - Does File Share have character limitations for Files, Folders, or Paths?


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Does Symantec File Share Encryption have a maximum path length limitations?  For example, there is a typical filesystem limitation for NTFS of 260 characters, if File Share Encryption comes across one of these files, can it still encrypt/decrypt it?



Symantec File Share Encryption would only impose a limit beyond 32,768 characters in the path.  Although Symantec File Share Encryption does not impose these limitations, Windows API does have these limits as defined in MAX_PATH, which is 260 typically.

If Symantec File Share Encryption is unable to encrypt due to the length of the path, this is something that would need to be adjusted on the Windows side, or whatever filesystem is at play in this scenario.

Please see the following articles as references to this Windows limitation:

As mentioned in the above the following registry key is documented to remove this limitation:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem LongPathsEnabled

The document also discusses the following GPO that can be used to control this:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem > Enable NTFS long paths

Other network file sharing technologies may have hard-coded limits so that it is not possible to create files longer than 260 or similar, and in this case, File Share will be limited by those limitations that are imposed on the filesystem level and will be unable to encrypt properly.