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Mobile Management


To compile and distribute the iOS in-house MDM agent for Symantec Mobile Management and Symantec Mobile Management for Configuration Manager, you must now use the MDM Agent Builder application. 


Instructions for using the SMM iOS MDM Agent Builder Application:

This builder application will produce an SMM iOS agent build which is compatible with iOS 7.

  • Download one of the attached files "" to the Mac.
  • Open the MDM Agent Builder on the Mac.


 You can customize the look of the application by providing custom icons, rename the app or alter the iPad toolbar style. These modifications are all optional. If no modifications are made, the standard Symantec "look and feel" will be used.




You must first load the distribution profile into the application by clicking the “Import Enterprise Distribution Profile” button.

  • Enrollment URL”: Sets the enrollment URL in the agent so that users do not need to enter it manually.
  • Use Dynamic Enrollment”: When checked, the user will be asked during enrollment to indicate whether the device is personally owned or owned by the corporation.  When unchecked, the user will only be asked for user name and password. Unchecking this box, enables "static" enrollment and displays the “Show username” and “Show password” checkboxes. Unchecking this box is the standard and most common practice.
  • "Show enrollment URL”: When unchecked, the Mobile MGMT app will not show or allow the user to enter or edit the enrollment URL. Unchecking this box requires that a url be entered in the “Enrollment URL” field.
  • Show username” and “Show password”: These checkboxes and the corresponding text boxes hard code the login credentials in the Mobile MGMT app.  This setting is optional and useful for kiosk deployments.
  • Enable the Mobile Library”: Unchecking this box will disable and hide the mobile library functionality in the Mobile MGMT app.
  • Enable user notifications”: When checked, the Mobile MGMT application will use notifications to alert the user if the application has not been able to report device status and inventory to the management server for 1.5 times the reporting frequency.  The reporting frequency is defined by the MDM server.  When unchecked, the Mobile MGMT application will not alert the user about missed reporting intervals.
  • Generate .plist file”:  When checked, the MDMAgentBuilder application will also generate the .plist file together with the .ipa file.

Generate and save Mobile MGMT app”:  After making the desired selections and entries for the fields described above, push this button to generate the Mobile MGMT .ipa file.  After applying the customizations and signing the Mobile MGMT app with the distribution profile, the builder app will prompt where to save the resulting .ipa file, and optionally, the .plist file.

Applies To


  • Mac OSX
  • Xcode 4.6 (minimum) command line tools must be installed
  • The organization iOS enterprise distribution certificate and private key must be in the Mac’s keychain
  • An in-house enterprise distribution profile (.mobileprovision file) for the Mobile MGMT iOS app

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