Receiving “Your CPU does not support long mode. Use a 32bit distribution.” message on installation


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Messaging Gateway


When installing Symantec Messaging Gateway into a fresh VMWare virtual machine, the newly installed system fails to boot and an error message referencing "long mode" is displayed on the console.

 Your CPU does not support long mode. Use a 32bit distribution.


 VT support required to run 64-bit virtual machines is not enabled in the VMWare host system BIOS.


First, determine whether the VMWare host system supports Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) and Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) by looking up the system CPU information on the Intel website. Alternately, you may be able to determine whether VT is enabled through the following procedure:

  1. Log into the VM host as root
  2. Run the following command:
    `esxcfg-info | grep "HV Support"`


~ # esxcfg-info | grep "HV Support"
    |----HV Support............................................3



0 - VT/AMD-V indicates that support is not available for this hardware.
1 - VT/AMD-V indicates that VT or AMD-V might be available but it is not supported for this hardware.
2 - VT/AMD-V indicates that VT or AMD-V is available but is currently not enabled in the BIOS.
3 - VT/AMD-V indicates that VT or AMD-V is enabled in the BIOS and can be used.

If the system CPU supports VT but it is not enabled, please consult your server documentation regarding how to enable VT on your VMWare host server. 



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Messaging Gateway