Symantec App Center 4.1.15 Release


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If you are a current SaaS customer, your tenant was automatically updated to 4.1.15 (note:  you and your end users must still update the App Center App and your wrapped apps accordingly).  If you use an on-premise version of Symantec App Center and have not received the latest update, you can download it from File Connect:

The issues addressed in these release notes may or may not be relevant depending on the features that are included with your license.

This version of Symantec App Center is to support the future release of Apple's iOS 7 mobile device operating system.   iOS 7 will no longer allow apps to use UDID or MAC addresses.  App Center previously relied on these addresses to properly identify devices.

To address this issue, with version 4.1.15, App Center will create its own App Center ID (ACID) that it will use instead of the UDID and MAC addresses.  For devices that are already provisioned, App Center must first obtain the iOS 6.x/5.1.x UDID/MAC addresses to create a corresponding ACID address. 

As such, it's imperative that your organization upgrade to version 4.1.15 and perform all of the related upgrade tasks (such as rewrapping apps and rebuilding the App Center App) that are outlined in the Release Notes so that this conversion can be done BEFORE your end users upgrade to iOS 7, since these addresses will no longer exist in iOS 7.  Devices not managed by MDM will not show UDID/MAC addresses unless they were previously enrolled as an iOS 6 device.   New users who register with App Center will receive ACIDs upon their initial enrollment regardless of which version of iOS they use.

Additional impacts of iOS 7 on App Center that are addressed in this release are as follows:

  • New syscalls and classes that could affect app wrapping
  • Modifications to the private pasteboard
  • Library, caches, and snapshots directories are no longer accessible
  • Changes to the iOS 7 interface

The consequences of not completing the upgrade tasks specified in the Release Notes before your end users convert to iOS 7 are that the App Center App will not launch, and your wrapped apps will not work.

For more information about the iOS 7 release, go to the following URL:

App Center 4.1.15 supports iOS 7, but it does not support the new iOS 7 features. App Center  4.2 will support the new MDM features added in iOS 7 and will contain enhancements and critical bug fixes.


The following are late-breaking issues that occurred since the Release Notes were posted:

None at this time.