ntservices: Why is there no service hung alert received ?


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The ntservices probe did not generate a service hung alert when we expected one to have been generated. Why is that ?


Release: UM 8.x


The ntservices probe has, as a part of its description of the Hung Interval, the following statement:

'specifies the time interval to check the response time of any service with the Not Responding status before generating an alarm.'

The Not Responding status occurs in two ways, when the state of the service is either "SERVICE_PAUSE_PENDING" or "SERVICE_STOP_PENDING"

If the probe detects, over a multiple of the alarm interval, that the service has remained in one of these states then the hung alarm will be generated.


If the defined alarm interval is 3 seconds and the Hung interval is 2 then the following checks take place:

  1. At the first alarm interval of 3 seconds, the probe detects that a service is in one of the above states. No hung alarm is generated at this point.
  2. At the next alarm interval, a further 3 seconds later, the probe detects that the service remains in the same state. A hung service alert is generated at this point.