Task Ports 50121 & 50124 are not binding


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) Task Server


Ports 50121 & 50124 are not binding using TECH187699


None observed.



** By default, you can NOT disable the appID role from the security role manager & the drop down for enable/disable will be greyed out for the appID role.

Steps to recreate:

1) An existing Domain account has been disabled in the security role manager from the console, but is still an active Domain account.

2) The appID is changed to this already disabled account, this locks it out now from being changed from disabled to enabled.



1) Change the appID to a different Domain account.

2) Enable the Account you wish to use in the security role manager.

3) Change the appID back to the desired Account after it has been enabled.

You should now be able to bind ports 50121 & 50124 using:


Applies To

ITMS 7.1.2 MP1.1