Error Parsing Kickstart Config


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Security Information Manager


You are trying to install SSIM 4.8.1 on SIEM servers using .iso file and it fails with:

Error Parsing Kickstart Config


Steps to install Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM)4.8.1 on Symantec SIEM 9700 Series Appliances (NEI) servers using the 4.8.1.iso.

  1. Copy the attached file  "dd.iso" as it is (in the ISO form only) to a USB drive.  Do not try to create this into a bootable drive, the drive can contain other files, it will not matter.
  2. Insert the Symantec Security Information Manager 4.8.1 DVD into the drive and restart the server..
  3. At the Symantec welcome panel, type 2 to run the installation wizard and specify settings to install the device drivers.
  4. Insert the USB drive at this time.
  5. Select “Yes”  when prompted for “Do you have a driver disk?”
  6. Select a device for a driver disk and click “OK”.  For example in screenshot below the device is 'sde'. On some of the appliances you may see a device for driver disk as 'sdd'.

  1. Select the partition containing the driver image and click OK. For example if the usb device is 'sde' then the partition would be '/dev/sde1'.
  2. Select the dd.iso from “Select driver disk image” wizard and click OK.
  3. In some cases, you will see following error, you can safely ignore this error and click on “Manually Choose”.
  4. Select the “LSI megasr Driver ver 14.05.0727.2011 (megasr)” and click OK..   You will need to arrow down through the entire list of drivers in dd.iso until you find the correct LSI megasr driver.
  5. At “More Driver Disks?” screen, remove the USB drive.  Then click No. 


  1. Continue the Symantec Security Information Manager 4.8.1 installation.  If another screen pops up with message that it has found local media you can safely move past that screen.

Note:  If you have a screen pop up that there is not enough space to install SSIM, that is because the usb drive was not removed soon enough.  Simply reboot the server and follow the steps








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SEIM SSIM servers models  9750, 9751, 9752 built by NEI.


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