CMDB task Update Network Resource Location is assigning the wrong locations to computers


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The CMDB task Update Network Resource Location is assigning the wrong locations to computers. The assignment does get made for a location, it's just not expected one.


The same subnet is assigned to multiple locations, and/or, subnets were imported from Active Directory, where they were not configured correctly at.


Depending on the cause, this issue may have one or two solutions.

  • Locations share subnets.

    If locations share subnets, computers having their locations automatically assigned by the CMDB task Update Network Resource Location may have the wrong location then assigned to them. It is therefore recommended to have locations set to use unique subnets to avoid this complication.

    An easy way to determine if locations are sharing subnets is to use the attached custom report. Detach this and then copy the .XML file to the Symantec Management Platform server. In a Symantec Management Platform Console, click on the Reports button, then right click on the Reports folder and choose Import. Select the custom report to import.

    The custom report displays locations and the subnets associated to them. The list can be sorted by subnets, allowing the results to be easily parsed through to find duplicates. Then in Manage > Assets, change or remove locations or subnets as appropriate. "
  • Active Directory subnets are not configured correctly.

    If subnets were imported from Active Directory (AD) and aren't up-to-date, or become out-of-date, this will result in locations being set incorrectly to computers. The only way to correct this for the customer to ensure that their subnets are correct. A dirty AD can result in a very problematic subnet environment, for example. It's beyond the ability, therefore, for the Update Network Resource Location to work reliable if the subnets are incorrect. If this has occurred, the customr may want to simply delete all subnets in Altiris and manually create these, otherwise AD must be cleaned up first before these can be used successfully by Altiris. Data Connector can also be used to import these, but the customer would need to have a data file (.XLS) that includes the subnets and their subnet masks. As manually doing this and importing them with Data Connector may be unfeasible, the best suggestion is to clean up AD, therefore, unless the customer wants to perform a lot of manual work in Altiris to set these up.

    Note: Regardless of how the subnets were created, if they have the wrong or invalid subnet, they will not work correctly. Ensure that these have the correct subnet in each one.

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