Spam definitions do not update after enabling customer-specific spam definitions on the Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


Customer-specific spam definitions have been enabled on the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) and now regular spam definitions will not update.

The following information is shown when reviewing a debug level conduit log:

2013-08-07T07:35:46-07:00 (INFO:15330.3163984): [12267] Preparing to retrieve a full rule set for 'intsig_submission'.
2013-08-07T07:35:48-07:00 (INFO:15330.3163984): [12418] Completed request: ruleset=submission url= timestamp=1 allow_redirect=true status=307
2013-08-07T07:35:48-07:00 (INFO:15330.3163984): [12419] Using TTL: ruleset=submission ttl=60 source=default
2013-08-07T07:35:48-07:00 (INFO:15330.3163984): [12421] Got redirect: ruleset=submission target= depth=1
2013-08-07T07:36:30-07:00 (DEBUG:15330.74001296): [src/bmi_transform_stats.cpp:382:transform_engine_stats] Transforming engine stats.
2013-08-07T07:36:30-07:00 (DEBUG:15330.74001296): [12241] No new statistics to send to the BLOC.
2013-08-07T07:36:30-07:00 (DEBUG:15330.74001296): [src/conduit_main.cpp:1291:process_stats] process_stats timing: transform=0.0050 post=0.0000 total=0.0050
2013-08-07T07:37:30-07:00 (DEBUG:15330.74001296): [src/bmi_transform_stats.cpp:382:transform_engine_stats] Transforming engine stats.
2013-08-07T07:37:30-07:00 (DEBUG:15330.74001296): [src/conduit_main.cpp:1291:process_stats] process_stats timing: transform=0.0040 post=0.0000 total=0.0040
2013-08-07T07:38:30-07:00 (DEBUG:15330.74001296): [src/bmi_transform_stats.cpp:382:transform_engine_stats] Transforming engine stats.
2013-08-07T07:38:30-07:00 (DEBUG:15330.74001296): [src/conduit_main.cpp:1291:process_stats] process_stats timing: transform=0.0020 post=0.0000 total=0.0020
2013-08-07T07:38:57-07:00 (INFO:15330.3163984): [12427] Request failed: ruleset=submission url= curl_status=7
2013-08-07T07:38:57-07:00 (ERROR:15330.3163984): [12034] Network error occurred, couldn't connect to host (7), check your network connection settings, check your proxy settings (if applicable), and check to ensure that port 443 (HTTPS) is open through any relevant firewalls.
2013-08-07T07:38:57-07:00 (INFO:15330.3163984): [12426] Redirected request failed; falling back to origin: ruleset=submission


The SMG scanners are redirected to a host other than in order to receive customer-specific spam definitions, and cannot communicate with that host.


Verify that the SMG scanners have unrestricted bidirectional communication on port 443.


Applies To


SMG 10.x with customer-specific spam enabled.