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"The program that this Agent installation refers to could not be located" error.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


When viewing any of the deployment Agent install, uninstall, and upgrade policies, the following error occurs.

The program that this Agent installation refers to could not be located. Please select another program.


This behavior may occur if certain item references in the database have been deleted. It is not yet known what causes these rows to be deleted. Neither running a repair on deployment or "aexconfig /configure" on any .config file resolves the issue.


Refer to the attached SQL script which manually inserts the missing rows into the dbo.ItemReferenceTable. First, review the respective operating system's policy type and query the dbo.ItemReference table to see if the entries exist. If they do not, run the below insert commands. You may also choose to run the entire SQL script; If any of the rows already exist, the insert command for that row will simply fail.


Applies To


Deployment Solution 7.x

Windows Server 2008 R2