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Case Age value for users in timezone other that ServiceDesk SQL Server is incorrectly calculated


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When viewing the Case Age column in reports such as My Open Tickets, the value isn't properly reporting the case age for users located in a time zone other than that of the SQL Server hosting the ProcessManager database.


This issue may be caused by improper ProcessManager Portal configuration and/or improper timezone settings for users in the ProcessManager database.


To correct this issue:

Step one. Confirm that ServiceDesk is set correctly.

1.       Open ProcessManager using an administrator level account.

2.       Go to Admin > Portal > Master Settings

3.       Expand Process Manger Settings and confirm that “Display time in local time Zone” is checked.
Note: if it isn’t checked, check the box and click Save.

Step two. Confirm that the time zone is set correctly on users PC’s.  Also confirm that the ServiceDesk and SQL server time zones are set correctly in the operating system.  

Note: This can be change from the clock at the lower right corner of most operating systems.


Step three. Backup the ServiceDesk database.


Step four.  When all the above steps have been completed perform the following steps afterhours.

1.       Have all user logout of ProcessManager everywhere. No browser windows open not even at login screen.

2.       On the ServiceDesk server open a command prompt and enter “IISreset /stop”

3.       On the ServiceDesk server open services and stop the “Symantec Workflow Server” service.

4.       Run the following SQL script on the ServiceDesk SQL server.
Note: this is run against the ServiceDesk database, “ProcessManager” by default.

Update [user]
Set DynamicallyTimeZone = 1,
SelectTimeZone = NULL
Where ADLoginName is not null

5.       Go to Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\Data\ProcessManagerFileStorage\processmanagerfilestorage-lbme.processmanagersessions and delete the files in this folder.
Note: You can back the files up but it is not needed. If you’re going to back them up move them out of the Symantec subfolder structure entirely.

6.       On the ServiceDesk server start the “Symantec Workflow Server” service.

7.       On the ServiceDesk server open a command prompt and enter “IISreset /start”

Step five. Ask users to take the following actions the next time then log into ServiceDesk.

1.       When users login to the portal have them click Account in the upper right corner.
Notice that Dynamically Select Time Zone is Yes and User Time Zone is blank.

2.       Have the users click the Action button and select Edit User Info.

3.       Do NOT change anything in the Edit User Information window that opens.

4.       Click Save.
Note that the User Time Zone may not display the correct time zone yet.  Don’t panic, the database timezone listed in the SelectTimeZone column for the user is correct based on the timezone setting for their OS.

5.       Have the user click Logout in the upper right.
Note: it is important to user this link to logout to preserve the portal settings.

6.       Close the browser window.

7.       Have user log back into the ServiceDesk portal.

Note: If the user clicks on Account the information for User Time Zone will be correct.


As long as the user doesn’t change their time zone the Case Age column in reports will now reflect the time since ticket creation accurately.


Applies To

ServiceDesk 7.1