Why is the Dataquery source member CABDSAMP(DQDECPR) showing '12' as release for CA Datacom releases 14.0 and later?


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Why is the Dataquery source member CABDSAMP(DQDECPR) showing '12' as release for CA Datacom releases 14.0 and later?

               DC    CL12'DQDECPR'       CSECT NAME                    ##11-1   

               DC    CL3'12 '            RELEASE                       ##11-1   





The source for DQDECPR has not changed so the core mark does not need any change.

DQDECPR is assembled and link edited in the CA Datacom/DB new install job BDCUSNEW and upgrade install job BDCUSUPG into the CUSLIB. The reason to assemble onsite is that the customer’s latest CICS/TS modules from IBM are pulled into the assembly/link edit.

Also, no problems have been reported for DQDECPR. The last solution for it was with version 9.0 when CICS/TS originated necessitating a change.  DQDECPR was moved from CAIMAC to CABDSAMP starting in 12.0 and thus the '12' source core mark update.

If a change is needed for DQDECPR in future, that would a reason to update the source core mark.

Additional Information

From CA Datacom Core - 15.1 section "Upgrading to New Releases of Supporting Products":


DQDECPR in the DQSAM11 member is the only CA Dataquery™ for CA Datacom® module that contains command level CICS. When a new version of CICS is installed, reassemble the DQDECPR module and link edit it to produce a modified DQDECPR.
When a new version of CICS is installed, ensure that the PPT and PCT system tables include entries for CA Dataquery™ for CA Datacom®. Ensure that the CA Datacom® CICS Services is installed and operational.

Also, see TEC1925824 “Upgrading from CTS 5.1 to 5.2?” DQDECPR contains command level CICS so module needs to be re-asm/linked with new CICS/TS libraries.”