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SMTP Code: "450 4.3.2 try again later" and some SMTP connections are rejected


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Messaging Gateway


Some SMTP connections to Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) are being rejected. This occurs even though the connecting IP address is in the Local Good Sender IP list (found in Reputation > Good Senders > Local Good Sender IPs).

The Message Audit Log indicates that the message has been rejected by the msg_reject_other event.

vm-sbg> malquery -p 10m -e "IRCPTACTION*msg_reject"
<malResults count="1">
        <message UID="0aa0f847-b7f2a8e000005526-5c-51f2f8d9b5c3">
                        <event time="1374877913" name="ACCEPT"></event>
                        <event time="1374877913" name="IRCPTACTION">&lt;none&gt;|msg_reject_other</event>

 450 4.3.2 try again later


Whitelisting an IP address exempts it from anti-spam scanning. However, the IP address is still subject to Directory Harvest Attack (DHA) and Email Virus Attack (EVA) policies, if those policies are enabled.