How to create a secure web app


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Mobility Suite


 Mobility Suite has the ability to create and wrap apps using a provisioning profile in conjunction with a policy to limit and secure access to an online site.

These are the following errors which may occur while creating a secure web app:

  • "A provisioning profile is required"
  • "App policy is required"
  • "App ID does not match URI of ACA (Mobility Suite Server)


A provisioning profile and properly created App ID are required for creating and wrapping a secure web app.


How to create a Secure Web App

Part I Creating an App ID

1.      An App ID must be for the web app to be created.  To do this go to using Safari or Firefox.  Login using an Apple Developer Account and click on iOS Dev Center.  From there click Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles in the upper-right corner of the screen. 

2.      Select Identifiers, on the left, and App ID

a.      Select the “+” symbol and create an explicit App ID:


3.      Click “Continue” and verify the app id reverse URL and select “Generate” 


Part II Creating and Downloading a Provisioning Profile


1.      While in the “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” section of the iOS Development Center; Select Provisioning Profiles, on the left; and Distribution.

2.      Select the “+” symbol to create a new provisioning profile and select the option under Distribution: In-House:


3.      Continue selecting the previously created App ID from Part I

4.      Select the Distribution certificate and click “Continue”

5.      Name the Provisioning Profile something unique, note: this may be visible to the end user. Select “Generate”

6.      Download the provisioning profile to be used by App Center to create the Web App. 

Part III Creating the Secure Web App

1.      Go to the Mobility Suite Admin Console and select “Apps” on the left

2.      Click “Add App”

3.      Select the Secure Web App option and enter the Web App URL

4.      Upload the Provisioning Profile to the Mobility Suite server: 

a.      iPhone and iPad icon(s) may be uploaded for the App otherwise these will be automatically populated.

5.      Select an App Policy to wrap the application with and select Save.


a.      Allow up to 5 minutes for the server to build the IPA and PLIST


Applies To


  • CentOS 6.6
  • RHEL 6.6
  • Mobility Suite 5.5+