Changes made to Project Properties are not maintained after publishing a project


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Workflow Solution ServiceDesk


 After making changes to values contained within Project Properties of a Workflow, the new values are not kept after publishing the project. Instead, whatever values were first saved when publishing a project are used.


 There is a defect where publishing a project does not replace fields in Properties.config that were previously present.

This is a known issue and will be fixed in future versions of the product.


 If you have made changes to any project properties, before publishing the project, delete the Properties.config file in the deploy directory of the project.

"%\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\WorkflowDeploy\Release\<Project_Name>\"

Delete the Properties.config file in the location above, then publish the project. (Note, you will need to use the name of your project in place of <Project_Name>)

Applies To

Workflow / ServiceDesk 7.1

Workflow / ServiceDesk 7.5