Does Symantec Scan Engine (SSE) support LZMA2 compression?


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Scan Engine Protection for SharePoint Servers


You would like to know if Symantec Scan Engine (SSE) supports LZMA2 compression.

SSE 5.2.11 and greater will produce a scan error (error 41) when attempting to scan these files.

SSE 5.2.10 and earlier will not produce a scan error when attempting to scan these files. Please note that support for 7-Zip container files was introduced in SSE 5.2.11.  Prior to version 5.2.11 7-Zip container files are not recognized as container files and are instead scanned as binary files.  Because of this scanning these files with SSE 5.2.10 and below will not produce scan errors but it is important to note that the content of these files is not being scanned.


SSE does not currently support LZMA2 compression.


Symantec Engineering is currently reviewing adding LZMA2 compression support in a future version of Scan Engine.  Please monitor this article for future updates.