SAN LUN's do not display size on the Extend page of DAS/SAN Configuration


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Security Information Manager


On the extend page, you see he disk (example: /dev/mapper/mpathc) but the size is not displayed.

 Error: /dev/mapper/mpathl: unrecognised disk label


unrecognized or no label on disks


  1. Log into the WebUI of the SSIM.
  2. Go to Settings > DAS/SAN Configuration.
  3. Click Extend.
  4. Write down all of the disks that display.
  5. Login to SSIM with an SSH client or through a console.
    If you connected with an SSH client obtain root previledges with the command su -
  6. Run the command parted partition_disk
    Example: parted /dev/mapper/mpathl
  7. Run the command mklabel gpt
  8. Type q to quit.

Repeat steps 6 through 8 for each disk that displayed on the Extend page of the WebUI.