Not receiving password reset e-mails


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When a user attempts to reset their password, they never receive the password reset e-mail.


This may occur if the App Center server / tenant's Branding page has not yet been customized. By default, the From Email value, which is responsible for sending password reset e-mails, is: [email protected][domain]. In our SaaS offering, for example, password reset e-mails will originate from: [email protected]. Some e-mail systems perform a validation check as to whether or not the e-mail is coming from a valid domain (i.e. the domain has a valid MX record). If this check fails, the e-mail is subsequently bounced.


  1. Log into the App Center server / tenant with an administrative account
  2. Access the page:  Settings > Branding
  3. Configure the From Email field to be a valid e-mail address
  4. Save
  5. Attempt the password reset again

Applies To

  • Symantec App Center 4.x