Software Delivery Fails With Error: Program has failed with return code = -2147024894


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) Software Management Solution


Managed Software Delivery policy is successfully delivered to the client, but fails to launch task by the agent.

Failed to launch SWD task ''with command line '""Office 2007 Ent\setup.exe /adminfile admin_Unattended.MSP""': Failed to start SWD task: The system cannot find the file specified. (-2147024894)","ProgramExec","AeXNSAgent.exe","3384" 


Microsoft error code -2147024894 indicates the file is not found.

In this situation, the file not found is the command line Software Management is trying to launch.  The error indicates the entire command line is wrapped in double quotes, which is typically used to reference a file name with spaces in it.  This tells Windows that the command line is a single file: "Office 2007 Ent\setup.exe /adminfile admin_Unattended.MSP


To fix this, verify the files are in the folders referenced.  Then, remove the double quotes from the entire line, and embed them only where necessary.  For example: "Office 2007 Ent\setup.exe" /adminfile admin_Unattended.MSP