Filter statment operators available in previous versions of Control Compliance Suite (CCS) are no longer available in Query Manager


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange Control Compliance Suite Windows


The following filter statement operators are missing in Create or Edit Query wizard:

  • Begins with
  • Ends with
  • Doesn't Begin with

NOTE: These filters are available in CCS 10.5.1 and earlier

Missing filter statement operators in CCS Query manager.


More generic filters have been added to address more use cases with fewer filter term operators.


Filter statement operator 'Begins with' can now be performed using the 'Like' operator. For example, if you are filtering for a machine whose 'Machine Name' field value beginss with 'Node2-', you can use the 'Like' filter, with value, as 'Node2-%' where '%' is the expected wildcard used in conjunction with the 'Like' operator and value.

Similarly, the filter statement operator 'Ends with' was replaced with the 'Like' operator. For example, all machines ending with 'Test' can be filtered out using Like '%Test.'

Filter statement operator 'Doesn’t begin with' can now be performed using the 'Not Like' operator. For example if you are looking for a machine whose 'Machine Name' doesn’t begin with with 'Node2-', you can use the 'Not Like' filter with values as 'Node2-%', where '%' is the expected wildcard.