Error during data collection, Job Exception Occurred, No DPS configured for Windows


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Data collection fails with specific error

Job Exception Occurred, No DPS configured for can be found for 1 asset(s).


Default system routing rule interferes with proper function of an upgraded CCS 10.5.1 installation.


1. In the CCS Console, select Settings>>System Topology>>Map view.
2. From the Routing Tasks drop down, select Manager Routing Rules.
3. In the Manage Routing Rules -Settings window, select the "System rule for site 'Default Site'", right-click the selected rule and choose Disable. Close the Manage Routing Rules - Settings window.
4. Data collections should not function. If not previously configured, it may be necessary to create Windows Domain and Windows Asset credentials for data collections to succeed. Credentials are configured from Settings>> Credentials.