How to register existing CCS managers to a new or reinstalled Application server


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In the event a new or re-installed CCS Application Server is deployed, is it possible to use an existing CCS Manager (or Managers) without the need to reinstall the manager?

This situation can occur if the Application Server is reinstalled or if the CCS Manager is being moved from testing to production.


The process to register a CCS Manager to a new Application Server is simple and requires a new certificate to be issued from the Certificate Management console in the new CCS installation.  Follow these steps to move the CCS Manager:

  1. Unregister the CCS Manager from the 'old' Application Server. In Settings > System Topology > Map view, select Infrastructure Tasks > Unregister CCS Manager. In the Unregister dialog, check the CCS Manager you wish to remove. Click Next.  Check the acknowledge checkbox and click Finish.
  2. Create a new certificate for the CCS Manager in the 'new' CCS installation. On the Application Server, Click Start > All Programs > Symantec Corporation > Certificate Management Console. In Certificate Management Console select Create Certificates. Choose Service Type: CCS Manager and complete the other fields including the NetBIOS/FQDN for the CCS Manager machine being moved to the new Application Server. Make note of the destination folder as this is where the new certificate will be created.
  3. Copy the .p12 Certificate to the CCS Manager. Place it in an easily accessible directory local on the CCS Manager.
  4. On the CCS Manager launch a command prompt and browse to the SymCert directory, typically at C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\SymCert\. run the command:
    SymCert command=Install file="<path_to\new_certificate>.p12" type=1 password=<password> DeleteExistingCert=true pause=true 
    The password may be omitted from the command in order to be prompted for it.
  5. On the Production CCS Console, go to Settings > System topology > Map view, select Infrastructure Tasks > Register CCS Manager. In the Register a new CCS Manager dialog, check the CCS Manager and click Next. Select the site to associate with the CCS Manager and click Next. Select the Roles that the CCS Manager will have. Select the Data sources that the new manager will access and click Next. Click Finish and Finish. The CCS Manager should now be working with the 'new' CCS installation.

The steps above can be repeated for any other CCS Managers that must be moved.