Unable to add Invalid Recipients for Probe Account


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Messaging Gateway


Trying to add a probe account results in an error and the account is not added.

The Control Center GUI returns the error:

Error: Unable to process the response for probe registration. Please check the Control Center log files for details.

The Control Center log (BrightmailLog.log) shows the following error:

May 29 2013 14:32:51 [ProbeAccountRegisterTask] ERROR - The server request failed. HTTP code 412, Precondition Failed.Probe Registration Failed.


To work around this issue, enable inbound filtering. If inbound connections are not wanted, you can configure the Inbound Mail Acceptance with only the loopback address,

  1. Click Administration.
  2. Clik Configuraton on the left.
  3. Edit your Outbound Scanner(s).
  4. Click on SMTP.
  5. Select "Inbound and outbound mail filtering".
  6. Option: Configure your Inbound Mail Acceptance IPs.
  7. Click Save.

Once an inbound instance has been configured, probe account submissions can be made.

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Applies To

Outbound only Scanner configuration.