Data Connector import logs become unavailable and are listed as "No log available" in the Run history section or do not show any data


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When using an import rule, it is noticed that the import logs are no longer available. In the "Run history" section at the bottom of the import rule, these appear like the following:


Or, when viewing a log, there are no entries, such as:


Verbose logging is turned off in the import rule, which prevents new logs from being generated, and/or the Connector Purge Policy has removed these as configured by the system or by the user.

Or, if no entries, "Rows without errors" is not enabled, which it is not turned on by default when viewing logs.


Verbose logging is turned off

Ensure that verbose logging is enabled. This can be set for every import rule, and so this may be turned off or on for each one. This is found on the top right of the "Run history" section at the bottom of the import rule:

Ensure this is enabled by clicking on it to place a checkmark in its box.

Having this turned off will also not display an import log on the Connector Rule Run Status window when an import rule is ran or tested.

Note: Turning verbose logging back on for an import rule does not restore logs that were never recorded to begin with.

Connector Purge Policy is set to aggressively purge logs

If verbose logging is already enabled, next check if the Connector Purge Policy is set to aggressively remove import logs. This is then applied to all import rules. This policy is found in Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Connector > Connector Purge Policy.

By default, the Connector Purge Policy settings are:

  • Keep log files for a number of days old: 30
  • Number of log files to keep per rule: 10

Note 1: If either of these are changed, the NS Daily task must be manually ran to apply the policy, or the user will have to wait for the next day for this to automatically take effect. Follow these instructions to manually run the NS Daily task. Warning: As this runs all daily tasks, this may not be a good practice to reset this outside of its normally scheduled time, which is at 2:10 AM. Please verify if this can be manually ran by discussing this with your Altiris Administrator before manually running it.

  1. On the Symantec Management Server while logged in as a local administrator, click on the Windows Start button > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.
  2. Locate and double click on the the NS Daily task in the Active Tasks list. This will appear as "NS.Daily.{GUID.EN_US}".
  3. On the right hand Actions pane, click on Run. This will appear to do nothing, however, if the user clicks on the back "<-" button on the top left of the window and returns to the original window, in the Task Status section, it should now be seen that NS Daily is now running.
  4. After NS Daily runs, the changes to the Connector Purge Policy will take effect.

Note 2: Resetting the values for the Connector Purge Policy does not restore logs that were already purged.

Rows without errors is turned off

When viewing a log, records that had no errors are not displayed by default. To see these, turn on "Rows without errors", as the following screenshot demonstrates. The specified row (PC1) was successfully imported without issue, and so having this feature turned off would result in an "empty" log otherwise.


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