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The software package and detection rules have not replicated down to child SMP and is causing errors


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


The software package and detection rules have not replicated down to child SMP. The software package has replicated down to the child SMP but the associated detection rule has not replicated down and is causing errors.


In every case the Detection Rule is replicated later in the next replication job which maybe be the next day.

If you want to force the replication, try to find the item in the Console and do a right-click -> Replicate Now and see if it works. 

As well you may want to use this generic query that should reset Replication for an individual item: 

--Run the following query on Parent and Child(ren)
--Stop NS services and replace the @GUID variable below with the GUID of the item that you want to reset.

DECLARE @ThisNS nVarchar (36)
DECLARE @Guid Uniqueidentifier

SET @Guid='<Your Guid>'

SELECT @ThisNS=[Value] FROM [ServerSettingGuids] WHERE [Name]='OwnerNSGuid'
SELECT @StateXML=CAST(State as XML) FROM Item WHERE [email protected]
SET @StateXML.modify('delete /item/originNS')
SET @StateXML.modify('delete /item/sourceNS')
SET @StateXML.modify('delete /item/ownerNS')
UPDATE Item SET [email protected],State=CAST(@StateXML as nVarchar(max)) WHERE [email protected]
UPDATE ItemImportMethod SET ItemImportMethod.[ImportMethod] = 0 WHERE [ImportMethod] = 3 and [email protected]
UPDATE ItemNSSource SET OriginNSSourceNSID=a.ID FROM ItemNSSource cross join originNSSourceNS a WHERE a.OriginNSGuid=a.SourceNSGuid and [email protected] and [email protected]
DELETE FROM ItemReplication WHERE [email protected]
DELETE FROM HierarchyPublished WHERE [email protected]
DELETE FROM [ReplicationItemReplicableCache] WHERE [email protected]
DELETE FROM [ReplicationItemDependencyCache] WHERE [email protected]
DELETE FROM [ReplicationItemMandatoryItemCache] WHERE [email protected]