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When trying to configure the email template for a new alert, is there an option for adding the file difference information to the email body?


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Critical System Protection


When the option “Report file differences” is enabled in the policy,  while configuring the email template, select “File Data” to include the information that is in the event.



Policy option for file differences;


Event generated/reported;


Email settings;

Insert “File Data”



Email will have “{BINARYDATA)” included in body;




When properly configured, the email will contain the following event data;

25-Jun-2013 19:57:17


SHA-256 checksum changed.

Old Hash: df68e1bb1d4843ecd5009725f36a3c2a8e269248ffcfaf457cc04b674e00300f

New Hash: 2818ea826142ec159f3232d0c01a5021c4d11906a85aba0a7d6ecaa8fb6fa207



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