BUG REPORT: pictures cannot be opened with default application "Windows Photo Viewer" and might get corrupted when using PGP Netshare on DFS.


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Opening picture files like jpg, bmp, png, etc in a Netshare folder located on a DFS share with the default application "Windows Photo Viewer" while the Windows Preview Pane is enabled in Explorer might fail.

The files can be opened with "Windows Photo Viewer" on a second attempt or with another application.

Sometimes the file can get corrupted and needs to be restored from a backup.

If the file got corrupted, the following error messages might be seen in the Desktop debug log.

15:20:45 File Share Encryption	 Info	File Share: User [user01] decrypted[S:\DFS; S:->\\10.x.x.x\DFSroot] on machine WINDOWS-7-32 at 3/11/2013 15:20:45 PM
15:20:47 File Share Encryption	 Error	File Share: File is corrupt - skipping -[0xffffd32c] [S:\DFS\bmp01.bmp]: encrypted session key is bad (-11476)


The problem occurs due to open handlers from Windows Picture Viewer and Windows Preview Pane.

This might cause Netshare not to be able to check if the file is already encrypted due to a sharing violation error.


Upgrade to Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.0 MP2 or above.

The Release Notes mention:

"Files encrypted by Symantec File Share Encryption now correctly appear in the Windows Explorer Preview Pane, and pictures now open successfully with Windows Photo Viewer."

Applies To

Windows 7 with enabled Windows Preview Pane.

Netshare folder located on a DFS share.

Symantec Encryption Desktop below 10.3.0 MP2.