BUG REPORT: Symantec Encryption Desktop shows an incorrect log entry 'User UserName used a WDRT on disk C:\DiskName on machine MachineName on Date/Time' and wde-event 'wdrt-used' after PGPtray starts


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Even without using a WDRT an incorrect log entry is shown in PGP Desktop / Symantec Encryption Desktop stating that a WDRT was recently used to unlock the encrypted disk.

The incorrect log message has no funtional impact.

The PGP Desktop / Symantec Encryption Desktop log shows and error message when starting PGPtray.exe

09:18:35 WDE     Info    User John_Doe used a WDRT on disk C:\ WDC WD3200BEKT-08PVMT1 on machine PC01 at 2012/08/14 09:18:35.000030


Defect in product causing incorrect logging about WDRT usage when PGPtray.exe starts


Upgrade to Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.0 MP2 or above.

The release notes mention "Resolved the issue with Symantec Drive Encryption so that after the PGP Tray restarts, the log file no longer states that the user authenticated using a whole disk recovery token (WDRT). [3179122, 3179128]"

Applies To

Versions affected are PGP Desktop 10.2 MP5 or 10.2.1 and above or Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3 and above.