BUG REPORT: compatibility problem with Symantec Encryption Desktop and "PC Tools Internet Security and Spyware Doctor" causing a Blue Screen


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A Blue Screen of Death might occur when having Symantec Encryption Desktop installed alongside with PC Tools Internet Security and Spyware Doctor.

The issue is triggered by unplugging or encrypting an external USB drive.

An analysis of the Blue Screen dump might show an "Access violation" caused by "PGPfsfd.sys".


Usually, a close request for a FILE_OBJECT on a mounted volume while the volume is being dismounted should fail if there are still open handles from any application.
There is an incompatibility with PC Tools when a volume is being dismounted while Netshare still has open handles which causes an unexpected state in the Netshare driver resulting in a Blue Screen.



This problem is fixed in Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.0 MP2 and above.

A volume is now properly marked as deactivated when being asked to detach from it in order to handle requests that still come after this point.
The release notes should list "Resolved a Symantec File Share Encryption interoperability issue with PC Tools so that PC Tools now successfully launches from the PGP Tray, following the sudden removal of a USB drive. [2953129]"

Applies To

Symantec Encryption Desktop below version 10.3. MP2 with Netshare components (PGP_INSTALL_NETSHARE=1) installed.

PC Tools Internet Security and Spyware Doctor.

External USB device connected to the Windows operating system.