While attempting to perform a backup of the database receive error; Error: Missing critical file: rsync://[IP]:/path/Snapshots/.../[file].manifest


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What to do when attempting a database backup and receive Error: Missing critical file: rsync://[IP]:/path/Snapshots/.../[file].manifest. Backup FAILED.



Release: CAIMTR99000-3.2-Infrastructure Management-Trial


Checking Backup Integrity

Vertica can confirm the integrity of your backup files and the manifest that identifies them. By default, backup integrity checks output their results to the command line. You can include the optional --report-file parameter to output results to a delimited JSON file.


Perform a Full Check:


A full check verifies all objects listed in the backup manifest against file system metadata. A full check includes the same steps as a quick check. This task outputs an exceptions list that identifies the following inconsistencies:

·         Incomplete restore points

·         Damaged restore points

·         Missing backup files

·         Unreferenced files

Use the following form to perform a full check task:

        vbr -t full-check -c configfile.ini --report-file=path/filename

For example:

        vbr -t full-check -c backupconfig.ini --report-file=logging/fullintegritycheck.json


Performing a Quick Repair:


The quick-repair task rebuilds the backup manifest based on the manifests contained in the backup location.

Use the following form to perform a quick repair task:

        vbr -t quick-repair -c configfile.ini --report-file=path/filename

For example:

        vbr -t quick-repair -c backupconfig.ini --report-file=logging/quickrepair.json


Performing Garbage Collection:


The collect-garbage task rebuilds your backup manifest and deletes any backup objects that do not appear in the manifest.

Use the following form to perform a garbage collection task:

        vbr -t collect-garbage -c configfile.ini --report-file=path/filename

For example:

        vbr -t collect-garbage -c backupconfig.ini --report-file=logging/garbagecheck.json

After completion, the collect garbage task outputs a list of any deleted files.

Proceed with the backup of the database.