How to change Passphrase for non SSO user for PGP Whole Disk Encryption


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After authenticating through WDRT /LSR , unable to change Passpharse for PGP WDE.

Prompting for old passphrase ,which if you do not remember would not let you to change passphrase for PGP WDE.


If you forget the PGP Bootguard Passpharse , we can authenticate using WDRT(only for managed clients) or LSR if WDE Admin  or any other user is not added in the list. But cannot change the passphrase from PGP Desktop , since it needs old passphrase in order to change the passphrase. 


Authenticate using WDRT(only for managed clients) or LSR .

1. Open PGP Desktop 
2. PGP Disk
3. Click on Encrypt Disk
4. Then click on Change passphrase

When it prompts for old passpharse enter WDRT  for old passphrase and create a new passphrase.

Reboot the machine and authenticate with new passphrase.

Applies To

Windows 7

PGP 10.x