Asset type lists blank after application of PU 2013-2 on Control Compliance Suite


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


After upgrade to Product Update (PU) 2013-2, asset type menu pull downs are no longer populated but are blank.


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2014-11-10 12:10:59.258,2014-11-10 13:10:59.258,{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Error,PreLaunchActivityProvider,SymConsole,5576,,1,DownloadSchema,,0,1,"Error downloading platform MOS schema, retry attempt 0"

2014-11-10 12:10:59.258,2014-11-10 13:10:59.258,{HOSTNAME.EN_US},Error,PreLaunchActivityProvider,SymConsole,5576,,1,DownloadSchema,,0,1,File contains corrupted data.




New console distributed with the 2013-2 PU is missing DLLs to handle certain asset types.



The most likely cause for this issue is the presence of Netware and NDS asset types in your CCS installation.  Netware is supported by CCS 11 only in an upgrade situation (i.e. upgrade from previous version of CCS where Netware and NDS asset types were supported).  These asset types may also be present if the Netware Data collector was activated at any time prior to upgrading to CCS 11.  Therefore it may not be necessary to have actually used Netware in the CCS environment to experience this issue; activation of the Netware data collector and then upgrading to CCS 11, would be enough to create these asset types in your system.

To work around this issue, copy from the following path:

<InstallDir>\ Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Application Server   

the following four files and paste these files into the root of the SymConsole folder (folder starts with the letters "syma...tion.." under the user profile folder).

·        NDS.Schema.dll

·        NDSTree.Common.EntitySchema.xml

·        NW.Schema.dll

·        NWSRVR.Common.EntitySchema.xml

NOTE:  To locate the current User Profile installation of the CCS console, on Windows 2008 R2 servers, open Task Manager and go to the Processes tab.  Find the SymConsole32.exe and right click.  Select to open that location.  Paste the four files into this folder and restart the console.

           On Windows 2003 servers, go to a path similar to the following:  C:\Documents and Settings\<user id>\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\DQOAJGYK.JTR\BH03DMWR.8EW\syma..tion_xxxxxxx      Paste the files in this folder and restart the console.

WARNING: all console instances for each User profile will need to be manually patched with these four files to alleviate the issue caused by the presense of Netware and NDS asset types. 


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Control Compliance Suite for Windows