Chinese characters appear in English-only Altiris logs


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Deployment Solution


When viewing the Altiris server logs in the Altiris Log Viewer, what appears to be Chinese characters appear. 







It is not known what the cause of this is or if it is an issue or concern.

This may be caused by the user installing Language Packs, specifically Chinese, in Symantec Installation Manager, for the "affected product".

It's also possible that this may be corrupted inventory data for clients that is misrepresented as Chinese characters by accident in the log.



The only known time where this has occurred is with Deployment Solution's agent. When analyzed, it did not appear to be resulting in any issues, however, and was decided to it can be safely ignored.

If this appears to be causing issues, please contact Symantec Technical Support for the Altiris product that the log entry lists.


In at least 1 case, the following was the solution:

We found errors in the NS logs and NS agent logs, stating the Object clientTaskAgent.dll was unregistered

We registered the Object clientTaskAgent.dll by following TECH127269 and that resolved the errors with the Chinese characters.

Later, we also found the Deployment TaskHandler was not installed properly.

We ran msi repair on the altiris_deploymentsolutiontaskserverhandler_7_1_sp2_mp1_x64.msi, as directed in TECH162821.