Messaging Gateway software incompatible pop up.


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Messaging Gateway


When attempting to update Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) you receive a pop-up indicating that you cannot update directly to the target release but must, instead, first update to an intermediate release.

“In order to update your appliance to version <variable>, your appliance must first be at version <variable>.”


Some SMG version updates are "gated" in order to ensure that software and schema changes required by later releases are applied.

The update process has determined that you are attempting to directly update past a "gated" release version.


To ensure that required software and schema changes are in place for the update process, you must first update to the required intermediate release before updating to the final target release.


“In order to update your appliance to version 10.0.3, your appliance must first be at version 10.0.2.”

This indicates that the 10.0.3 release depends on software and schema changes applied by the update to version 10.0.2. The SMG installation must first be updated to version 10.0.2 prior to an update to a later release.

Applies To

Symantec Messaging Gateway version 10.0.2 and greater