Messaging Gateway informs you that your hardware is no longer supported.


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Messaging Gateway


Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) upgrade to version 10.0.3 or later shows a message indicating that the appliance hardware model is not supported.

Version not available for download/install.

This hardware model is no longer supported.


The update process has determined that the target appliance's hardware model is either out of support or falls below the minimum system requirements for the release that was attempted to be installed.

For specific details on which appliances are supported, please review the release notes for that version. The list will be under the header "Supported Platforms." The release notes for Messaging Gateway versions can be found here: More Articles

As of June 1, 2018, SMG appliances that were out of warranty as of that date will no longer be supported for upgrades, due to new requirements in SMG. The maximum version available for those appliances is 10.6.4-3.


This is a warning from the Messaging Gateway software that the target appliance hardware has either reached the end of support life or does not meet the minimum operational requirements for the requested update.


  • Contact a sales representative/vendor to discuss options for new SMG appliance hardware.
  • Migrate to a virtual appliance running on VMWare's ESX platform or Microsoft's Hyper-V server. See the release notes and installation guide for the version of SMG that will be installed for hardware requirements.

Workaround (not recommended)

If an update must be performed in order to address a critical software defect, an update may be forced from the command line via the following process:

  1. Log into the target appliance's command line interface (CLI) as admin via either ssh or on the appliance console.
  2. Run the command: update install

The appliance will reboot once the update has been downloaded and installed.

Note: Forced installation of an update on unsupported hardware or hardware which does not meet minimum operational requirements places the SMG installation in "best effort" support.