Device Inventory and MDM Not Processed After Symantec Management Platform Outage


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Mobile Management


Inventory from devices appears to be submitted to the Mobile Management server but it is not processed.  MDM/push commands to devices are not successful.  Newly enrolled devices appear to enroll successfully at the device, but never appear in the SMP console.

Further investigation may reveal that the "symantecmminprocessqueue" and "symantecmmqueue" private MSMQs contain a growing number of messages.


On the MMS server, the following errors for the "Symantec Mobile Management Service" may be found in the server Application event log:

(https://<yourNS>/ALTIRIS/ns/agent/postevent.aspx) error. : The operation has timed out.

HttpPost(https://<yourNS>/Altiris/ns/agent/postevent.aspx) error.  The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.

Symantec Mobile Management Service : Failed processing: IosManagedApplicationList-SYMC.a38ea....xml



An issue with the Symantec Mobile Management Queue service causes it to stop processing device inventory after a communication outage between the Notification (SMP) server and the Mobile Management server.  The service fails to resume processing and sending device inventory data to the Notification server.  The communication outage can be triggered by a number of issues, including but not limited to: SMP database problem, MMS to NS communication failure, Altiris service shutdown, and on the NS Application Pool failure.



This issue is currently under investigation by development.  A point-fix or fix in a future release will be issued.

As a workaround,

  1. Log onto the Mobile Management server.
  2. Restart the "Symantec Mobile Management" and "Symantec Mobile Management Queue" services.


Applies To

Symantec Mobile Management for SMP