Control Compliance Suite (CCS 11 ) PU 2013-1 udpate Resolved issues.


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What Windows issues are addressed in the 2013-1 update for Control Compliance Suite (CCS 11 )


Resolved Issues in CCS 11.0 PU 2013-1;

Remote Upgrade is trying to copy the upgrade files to the agent without checking available
disk space and throws an error if sufficient disk space is not available.

Remote Upgrade does not check whether the agent is signature patched before copying
the upgrade files and throws an error.

New CLI command is needed in ESMC to find extended ASCII characters in ESM database.

ESM Console and ESM Command line utility (ESMC) crashes while deleting a domain.

Unable to rename a policy using ESM Console and ESMC.

CCS Manager stops running when the log files are requested for an unreachable agent.

CCS is unable to collect data if ESM policy run number reaches to 5 digits.

Unable to create duplicate ESM policy in the ESM Console.

Negating a "Specific Asset Type Filter" in a asset group causes the group to also negate
the "Common Asset Field Filters".

ESMC stops running while renaming an agent.

Collection-Evaluation-Reporting job for message based content takes a long time and
consumes lot of memory on the CCS Manager.

ESMC does not release memory while deleting agents.

CCS does not display "&" character properly in the evaluation results and in the reports.

CCS Console fails to launch with the following error: Error occurred while checking
application server version for client compatibility

CCS VM External Data Integration displays the System Out Of Memory exception, while
importing large amount of data.

CCS Console stops running while creating a site in the Settings > SystemTopology > Grid
View by using the Infrastructure Tasks > Create Site menu.

Web Services connector does not have a configurable option to specify time out settings
for a data connection.

After upgrading from CCS 10.5.1 to CCS 11.0, data collection job displays the following error messages:

■ Unable to locate type: Symantec.Control.Provider.RMSReader,Control.Provider

■ The publisher for file <InstallDir>\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\DPS\Data Collectors\Control Common\Control.Provider.dll is not trusted

Data collection job with multiple standards takes long time to complete.

Exception Report displays wrong time in time fields for timezones having daylight saving time.

Exception Report displays wrong time in seconds.

While using RMS for data collection, UNIX Data Collection and Evaluation job fails and
displays the following error:

An error occurred in Data Collection activity:
Data Query failed: Results storage failed.

System.ApplicationException: Database error during result storage

External Data Integration with CCS Vulnerability Manager does not produce risk score for some vulnerabilities.

Collection-evaluation-reporting job for message based content has performance issues in some cases.

Data collection jobs for Message based content remain in executing state for more than
the configured timeout duration.

Stop command from ESM Console and ESMC for policy runs remain in stop pending state.

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The CCS 11.0 PU 2013-1 contains the latest feature enhancements and fixes for
CCS 11.0.
The prerequisites to install the CCS 11.0 PU 2013-1 are as follows:
You can install the PU only on an existing installation of CCS 11.0 or CCS 11.0
+PU2012-1. For information on installing CCS 11.0, see the Symantec Control
Compliance Suite Planning and Deployment Guide.
You must take a backup of all the computers where the product databases and
the components are installed.
You must close all remote consoles before you install the PU.
Ensure that the same user who installed CCS 11.0 and SQL databases, installs
the PU. You must be a CCS Administrator to install the PU. For more
information on user privileges, see the Symantec Control Compliance Suite
Planning and Deployment Guide.
Ensure that no CCS jobs are executing.
If your current deployment contains stand-alone CCS components, you must
install the PU on each stand-alone component in the following order:
CCS Directory Server
CCS Application Server
CCS Manager
Note: Symantec recommends that you install latest security patches for Microsoft
.Net Framework. You can download the patches from the CCS Technical Support
Website or from the following Microsoft Website:


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