Using Microsoft Windows Bitlocker to Go for removable devices on Symantec Encryption Desktop Whole Disk Encrypted System Drives


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Customers are concerned that Microsoft Windows Bitlocker to Go will interfere or conflict with Symantec Encryption Whole Disk Encrypted System Drives.  

Customers are looking for reassurances that the two encryption technologies will coexist.

Customers have a need to access other companies encrypted removable drives that have been encrypted with Bitlocker to Go.

It is important to understand the difference between Bitlocker and Bitlocker to Go.  

Bitlocker to Go is used for removable devices such as Memory Sticks, USB Thumb Drives and External Hard Drives and is safe to use on Symantec Encrypted Whole Disk Drives.

Bitlocker is used to encrypt whole drives and will modify the boot sector.  You do not want to use multiple whole disk encryption technologies.  If you are encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop, do not make the mistake of enabling Bitlocker on those drives.

No errors have been experienced.


Windows Bitlocker to Go will not conflict with a completely encrypted system drive encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop.  

Windows Bitlocker to Go's service only runs when the removable drive is accessed by the OS.

Windows Bitlocker to Go's service will not attempt to modify the boot sector.

When the removable drive is ejected from the system the Bitlocker service stops.

DO NOT... Enable Bitlocker on a system drive that has already been encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop.  An attempted modification of the boot sector by Bitlocker will result in the sytem being unable to boot.  


Applies To

Windows Operating Systems running the latest versions of Symantec Encryption Desktop with completely encrypted system drives.