How do I run a diagnostics test on the Web Gateway failover Network card?


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Web Gateway


You suspect a physical issue with the Silicom PEG2BPi5 or PEG4BPi Physical bypass 2 or 4 port Network Card used on the Symantec Web Gateway 8450 and 8490 appliances. You wish to know how to run a diagnostics check of these cards.


The ISO file to run a Network card diagnostic check can be obtained from Symantec support.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Burn the ISO to a CD-ROM.
  2. Connect a screen and keyboard to the SWG appliance.
  3. Boot the SWG on the CD-ROM.
  4. The screen will display the readme after which it will show relevant all cards detected.
  5. Connect a straight (standard) network cable between the two ports of a bypass pair.
  6. Run the batchfile "2bpi5.bat 1 2" where 1 & 2 are the detected card numbers.
  7. Note the results of each test (may require photos of screen output for verification).





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